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Nepal-China Academy delivered solidarity message against Corona

Kathmandu | 2020-02-11 Tuesday

Nepal-China Academy (NCA), friendship association in Nepal has expressed its solidarity and goodwill towards the people’s war against Neo Corona Virus in its Northern neighbor.

NCA released its press statement signed by its Chairperson with audio/visual goodwill message from the inner core of members’ heart towards the Chinese people struggling vigorously against Neo Corona Virus on Monday.

Among with the members of NCA in Kathmandu, Melsam Ojha – Chairperson expresses grief over Corona Virus outbroke while Chinese people were starting to celebrate their grand Spring Festival.

The press release honors all scientists, doctors, nurse, Peoples’ Liberation Army, Communist Party Comrades, farmers and workers for struggling to defeat the virus in the frontline.

Moreover, the NCA has supported the policy adopted by the Communist Party of China and Chinese Government.

NCA has also thanked Government of China for being responsible and taking health care of Nepali citizens and students in different cities.

Furthermore, NCA has suggested its members and public to follow authentic and highly reliable Chinese media through its social network.

The Chairman Ojha stresses time and often there could be disastrous problems but civilized nation like China would always find solutions.

The members Ramesh Kumar Bhattarai, Shiva Poudel, Suman Koirala, Ashish Kokhali, Anamika Karki and Prajit Parajuli were present to deliver well-wishes to the Chinese people.

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