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Chinese premier holds talks with Japanese prime minister

CHENGDU, (Xinhua)| 2019-12-25 Wednesday 

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang held talks with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe Wednesday in Chengdu, southwest China’s Sichuan Province.

Noting that China-Japan relations have maintained a hard-won positive momentum, Li said China attaches importance to its ties with Japan and is willing promote the constant development of bilateral relations after it returned to the right track.

He called on the two sides to follow the principles set by the four political documents between the two countries and the spirit of “taking history as a mirror and looking into the future,” take a long-term perspective and properly handle sensitive issues.

The premier also expressed hope that Japan would meet China halfway, and create favorable conditions for more high-level exchanges.

China and Japan are both major economies in the world and are each other’s main trading partner, Li said, adding China is expanding the services sectors’ opening up, which will bring bigger opportunities for bilateral cooperation of mutual benefits.

He called for bolder steps to advance bilateral cooperation in modern services sectors such as securities, life insurance and health care in pilot cities.

Regarding the 8th China-Japan-ROK leaders’ meeting, which was held Tuesday in Chengdu, Li said the three countries jointly planned the trilateral cooperation in the future and delivered positive messages on upholding multilateralism and free trade, as well as safeguarding regional peace and stability.

“China is willing to strengthen communication and coordination with all parties including Japan, to promote the signing of the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) as scheduled next year, and speed up the negotiations of the China-Japan-ROK free trade agreements,” Li said, adding it will not only help advance regional economic integration, but also promote reform of the World Trade Organization.

Abe congratulated China on successfully hosting the 8th China-Japan-ROK leaders’ meeting and said cooperation among the three countries in the past 20 years has improved the three countries’ and regional people’s welfare.

Noting that bilateral relations have returned to the track of normal development, Abe said both Japan and China shoulder important responsibilities to regional and world peace, stability, development and prosperity.

The Japanese Prime Minister called on the two countries to work for closer high-level exchanges, enhance communication and dialogue to start a new era of bilateral relations. Japan is ready to strengthen cooperation with China in addressing aging population, finance, tourism, environmental protection and health, he added.

Noting the progress of bilateral cooperation in fields including technological innovation and the third-party market, Abe said Japan hopes to make joint efforts with China to further promote cooperation in these areas.

Applauding China’s further opening up of its service market, Abe said Japan is willing to actively participate in this process.

Japan stands ready to work with relevant countries to promote the signing of the RCEP as soon as possible, and facilitate the negotiation progress of the China-Japan-ROK free trade agreements, he said.

After the talks, Li and Abe visited the Dujiangyan dam, the world’s oldest functioning irrigation project located in the Dujiangyan city.

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