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Nepal and China must work jointly to stop Unnecessarily raising Tibet issues

- Reference: Lobsang Sangay's visit to White House

Kathmandu, 2020 December 5, Saturday

A recent visit to White House by the head of the exiled Tibetan government, Lobsang Sangay, has sparked a new wave. Being a close neighbor, this news is sadder than happy for Nepal. It shows the US strategy of unnecessarily raising the issue by questioning China’s integral territory of Tibet. Here is an analysis of Hiranya Lal Shrestha’s visit to the White House by Nepal’s senior diplomat, writer and former Nepali Ambassador to Russia:


Hiranya Lal Shrestha

The United States, like the prime minister of an independent country, gave a warm welcome to the head of the exiled Tibetan government, Lobsang Sangay, at the White House. On the one hand, India has sheltered the Dalai Lama and his supporters against China. On the other hand, the United States has been providing financial and other assistance to the deposed Tibetan government. Such a US policy has raised serious questions on the world stage. Nepal and China must work together to stop such a policy and interventionist tendency by India and the United States to create a frightening problem by unnecessarily raising the issue of Tibet.

In the United States, Donald Trump has lost the recent presidential election and Joe Biden has emerged as a powerful president. I think the Cold War between the United States and China will be less during Biden’s tenure. The sale and distribution of weapons will not be the same as it was during Trump’s tenure, which will reduce. However, ideological differences between the two countries is certain to continue. Joe Biden now pursues a policy of peaceful competition with China. During his tenure, he can compete ideologically against China, along with NATO and the European Union.

China will upgrade its ground, naval and air forces to the level of the US military by 2027. For that, China has already passed the 14th Five-Year Plan. The United States will move the Hong Kong issue to prevent China’s plan from being implemented. It is certain to follow the strategy of not leaving Taiwan. Biden is also under pressure from the Taiwanese. They will ask Biden for help. Because there are many Taiwanese in Biden’s party. This shows that the rivalry between the US and China will never end. Overall, there is no naked war with China during Biden’s tenure, as there was during Trump’s tenure. The US administration is likely to pursue a policy of defeating China by sweet talk.

In this context, the visit of the Chinese Defense Minister to Nepal has been completed. Some media and political party leaders have directly or indirectly viewed the Chinese defense minister’s visit as a competition with India. But, that is not true. Because Nepal’s Defense Minister Ishwor Pokharel had visited China twice before and he invited the Chinese Defense Minister to visit Nepal. The Chinese Defense Minister is visiting Nepal at the same invitation. Is it possible that only Indian leaders come to Nepal but Chinese leaders do not come?

Another thing is that the heads of India’s intelligence agency, Indian army chiefs and Indian foreign secretary also came to Nepal. From this, the message that Nepal is India’s sphere of influence reaches the international community. It can be said that the visit of the Chinese Defense Minister is not only to show India’s influence in Nepal.

Due to the Indo-China conflict and US-China competition, Nepal’s geopolitical importance has increased. Therefore, interest in Nepal also increased. If the interest of the US increases in Nepal, the interest of India increases, the interest of Japan and Australia also increases, then how can China remain silent?

We are never in favor of just one neighbor. Both neighbors are the same for us. At such a time, Nepal should expand telephone services, health posts, security posts, etc. on the border between the two countries. Road and road construction should be expedited. Nepal has more backwardness than China and India. The development of the border areas had to be taken forward keeping in view the desires and needs of the people. The presence of the state in the border areas had to be increased.

In short, as a sovereign, independent and united country, both neighbors must be kept in balance.


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