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US Act disturbs the peace and stability in the world

Tanka Karki, Former Nepali Ambassador to China

Kathmandu | 2020-02-02 Sunday

The world is in the midst of a rapid change. The center of world power nation’s competition has entered from Middle East Asia to East Asia. And competition between China and the US is growing. I understand that the recent Tibet Act, passed by the United States, has come as an Act of escalation and unrest in the Asian region. An Act promulgated by the US Parliament disturbs the peace and stability of the region and appears to have a bad effect.

In the past, the US has encouraged the Khampa rebels who have been hiding in Nepal by giving them direct financial and technical assistance to fight against China. At that time, Nepal played an important role in suppressing the Khampa rebel. In the past, Nepal has been strictly prohibiting any activity against China using Nepali land. This bill has added an even greater challenge to Nepal in the coming days. But Nepal has to be careful on time to slow such activities with caution. Nepal is loyal to its foreign policy values and ideals. We will stand firm in our ideals. Nepal will not join any military alliance.

 The Tibetan people have the rights to choose the Dalai Lama when talking about the Tibetan Act. They can choose the Dalai Lama according to the tradition there. I do not think that any third country should intervene. By saying that for any other country, if any Act or law is done by the third country, then it is an interference with the other country. This is an internal issue of the Chinese and the Tibetan people.

In the matter of the MCC, Nepal will accept financial support of any country on the basis of principles of incompatibility by looking at its values and values in the past. But it will not be linked to any military strategy. If the MCC has any long-term impact on Nepal, then Nepal will not seek that assistance. If the MCC’s terms are contrary to Nepal’s foreign policy Nepal will not accept it.

(Based on an interview with VOICE OF KAHMANDU)

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