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‘Tibet Policy and Support Act 2019’ is against the International Law

DR.Yubaraj Sangroula, Former Attorney General of Nepal Government. Senior Advocate and writer.

Kathmandu | 2020-02-02 Sunday

Yubaraj Sangraula, Former Attorney General of Nepal Government, Senior Advocate and writer comments the ‘Tibet Policy and Support Act 2019’ approved by US parliament on Tuesday is as an action against the international law.

According to him to make an Act about the citizens of another country itself is an imperialistic action. ‘This is against international law. It can be said regarding this Act, it is not to be investigated that any crime was done properly or wrongly, crime is a crime’ he added. According to international law, making Tibet policy and support Act is also a crime. Secondly, the US has accepted a one-China policy and also accepted that Tibet is a part of China’s territory. After accepting this, making a law about Tibetan people is against their own policy. According to him, The Tibet policy and support Act came from US President Donald Trump’s is an imperialist policy which is totally wrong. Tomorrow, China can also legislate against the US but, not to be done.

The United States and China both are members of the UN Security Council. They have pledged to accept the UN Charter. The US Act is against Article 2 of the UN Charter. Even before this act, there were activities against Tibet in Nepal. He said, ‘Now, after this Act, the US government will provide financial assistance to refugees. Under this act, the US can legally send money to Nepal’s banks and increase anti-China activity.

The very serious and important thing to understand that If the money sent by the US came to Nepal and the anti-China activity increased, it would be considered anti-China activity by the government of Nepal, not by the anti-Tibetan forces.’ The Government of Nepal should be aware of this matter because Nepal is committed to one China policy. Next important thing is China and India both are experiencing rapid economic growth and good trade He further added, ‘The US concern is that if trade between India and China is peaceful, it will make Asia the world’s largest economic hub and overtake the US and Europe. So America is not going to let that happen.’

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