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‘Tibet Policy and Support Act 2019’ is against the Chinese Sovereignty: Gurung

Kathmandu | 2020-02-01 Saturday

 Dev Prasad Gurung, Former Minister of Law and Justice, Member of Federal Parliament of Nepal Said that ‘Tibet Policy and Support Act 2019′ which is passed by the US House of Representatives is against the international law. According to him US has no right to promulgate any law about the Chinese issues. It is also against the Chinese sovereignty. He said,’ It has severely interfered with China’s internal affairs. It is a serious intervention upon the sovereign of any country. The US policy has come up with the Indo-pacific strategy. The MCC in Nepal is also the same as this.

 The USA is trying to make its base through the MCC to build its base in Nepal.’  The issue of MCC is being discussed in Nepal Whether to accept it or not. “The US is continuously trying to promote the Dalai Lama’s movement. But, no matter how hard America tries, I do not think it will proceed, he added. This is nothing than US-card against China. According to Gurung the Act is an example of naked interfered with China and the Chinese people.

The US does not have the authority to legislate on China and Chinese citizens. Tibetans are not American citizens. They are Chinese citizens. The United States can legislate and enforce only for US citizens, but cannot make laws about the citizens of another country. Gurung said, ‘human rights and rule of law, the USA way of making laws, setting up military camps and attacking citizens of other countries is totally wrong.’ There is no option to condemn it.

The MCC agreement which is currently being debated in Nepal has the provision of appointing US citizens as an employees under it  In the MCC compact has a provision that to provide them full immunity to people who work in the MCC even if they will engage in any crime or criminal offense in Nepal. According to the MCC compact, Nepal’s laws do not apply to officials who work in Nepal. ‘The US is trying to impunity its citizens even after committing such a crime, but arranging action against the citizens of another country.

The US has been pressurizing to pass the MCC from Parliament in Nepal and on the other hand, the Act has been passed by the US lower house. These things are inter-related and all are under the Indo-Pacific strategy. This is the core essence of US foreign policy, he views. Everything the US does in the Indo-Pacific region under the same strategy. So it is quite dangerous. Mainly the US is trying to establish a foundation in Nepal through the MCC to intervention with this territory. Now, the law, which is passed in the US lower house of representative, can also be implemented in Nepal, calling for the protection of Tibetan refugees.

Here I would like to remind you that shortly before the extradition treaty between Nepal and China was about to be signed. At the same time, one of the US Senators who is in charge of South Asia, sent a letter to the Prime Minister of Nepal, warning him not to do anything that would violate the human rights of Tibetan refugees. After that warning, the treaty that was ready to sign was stopped. Currently, the government of Nepal is preparing to make a decision regarding satellite networking. It is also preparing to give to a US company. ‘The responsibility of making the national identity card of Nepal is also being given to the US Company. It is a huge conspiracy to take all the information of Nepal into their hands.

The US is moving forward in terms of acquiring all the data of Nepal using different companies in Nepal’,Gurung said.

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