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US has a strategy of using Nepal’s land to weaken China’s power and influence in the world: Bharat Bahadur Shahi

Kathmandu, 2021 January 9, Saturday

Extensive discussion is needed on the use of water resources in Nepal.

Nepal’s attitude towards water resources should be clear. Nepal needs a reseever based hydropower project. The government should place special emphasis on projects that can be operated with its own investment. The Upper Karnali Hydropower Project of a similar nature has been in a coma for the past 13 years. It is also the cheapest project in the world in terms of investment. The government does not seem to want to move ahead with this 4180 MW project. We have met many prime ministers and ministers in course of pushing this project forward. However, none of them are interested.

That is why we are engaged in the Upper Karnali Rescue Campaign. Neighbors are keeping an eye on Nepal’s water resources. The Upper Karnali , which can be operated with internal investment, has given to an Indian company GRM. Nepali water is considered to be the best in the world for drinking water, so there is a need for a broad discussion on the multifaceted use of water resources.

The MCC project is not for the development of Nepal. Through the MCC project, the United States planed to enter Nepal easily and want to study areas of strategic importance to Nepal. The Tibet Act, which is recently ratified by the United States, follows a similar strategy. Since it is not possible to directly control Tibet’s vast water resources and various natural resources, it has sometimes raised the issue of China’s human rights and in the name of support to Tibetan refugees the US raising various issues.

The US has adopted a strategy of weakening China through Nepal’s land. China’s economic growth rate has surpassed that of the United States. The US has a strategy of using Nepal’s land to weaken China’s power and influence in the world. As it is not possible to directly control the waters in South Asia, the United States has been pursuing various strategies in alliance with its allies. Through that, US is trying to maintain its dominance over the water resources of the region. The route of the transmission line to be built by MCC is going through the areas of strategic importance of Nepal. America’s inner intention is clear. Now some Indian companies are also capturing Nepal’s rivers. The Upper Karnali Accord is an example of that. India is more in favor of not allowing others to enter Nepal than producing hydropower.

-Bharat Bahadur Shahi, Water resource expert

(Opinions expressed at an interaction program on water resources in South Asia and Nepalese perspective organized by Friendship Forum for Nepalese Journalists (FFNJ) in Kathmandu on 31 December 2020.)

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