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Nepal should aware about US Act against china

 Ganga Prasad Upreti, Chancellor of Nepal Academy

Kathmandu | 2020-02-01 Saturday

Ganga Prasad Upreti, Chancellor of Nepal Academy opposed the US Act on Chinese issues. According to him ‘Tibetan Policy and Support Act 2019’ which is recently passed by US parliament is totally wrong concept. Americans have such proud they think that what we want in the world will happen. However, the situation has changed, the world has changed. ‘They don’t even know that there are more powerful countries in the world’, he said.

According to him, no country can pass such an Act, affecting the integrity of any sovereign country. This is automatically illegal. It is wrong to challenge the integrity of a sovereign and powerful nation and this is against the international law. He said,’ being a close and nearest neighbor of China, we have also concerned about this law brought by the United States. If there is unrest in Tibet, then it will affect Nepal as well as in South Asia.

Americans have always been carrying some Tibetans such a way and presenting themselves as everything of Tibet. In fact, ninety percent of Tibetans are very satisfied with the development of Tibet, the religious, social, cultural, political and economic development of Tibet. ‘Few people who went out for various reasons or fled with the Dalai Lama, among them some had also returned to Tibet and participated in Tibetan development. Those few remaining people who have been lifted by Western powers to take them out as dummies are trying to hide the reality of Tibet. Americans feel that this is their personal thing, he added.

Like America, if China would make a law demanding to separate the provinces of the USA then what would happen? He said, ‘The United States has forcibly occupied many territories, including California, Mexico. As far as Tibet is concerned, it has been an integral part of China since ancient times. Tibet is an integral part of China, including everything religious, cultural, political. The world has accepted that integrity. Therefore, although this is an issue between China and the United States Nepal is committed to the one-China policy, so we have a concern about the Act. However, this Act will not be accepted by the world. I believe that China is able to solve this problem.’

This Act does nothing more than break the ties between China and the United States. And, this Act won’t achieve anything. It won’t be good for the rights of Tibetans refugees as well. I think that finally, it will be only an illusion. What Americans do is merely to create an illusion against the international law. Who gave the authority to the United States to issue a law from parliament on China’s integral part Tibet?

He further added, ‘it is fair to say that discrimination behavior does not apply to other areas as shown in West Asia. Nations, whether small or large, no one will support such a policy of the US.’

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