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Tibet Act has come to intervention on China

CP Mainali, General Secretary of CPN ML

Kathmandu | 2020-02-01 Saturday

CP Mainali, General Secretary, Communist Party of Nepal (Marxist Leninist) is also an expert on international politics and foreign affairs. He is also the former vice prime minister of Nepal. He is very familiar about the Nepal-China and Nepal-US relations. In this background Voice of Kathmandu and Non-stop khabar onlines have talked with Mainali about the Tibet Policy and Support Act 2019 passed by US parliament this week. Here is the summary of an interview:

The Tibet policy and support Act, 2019 passed by the lower house of the US is intended to directly interfere in Tibet. It has now passed from the lower house and will also pass from the upper house soon. The main purpose of this Act is to conduct the bossing-around in the other country’s territory. This is an example of the bullying behavior of the US.

The US has also raised the issues of human rights in Hong Kong in the past. It is clear that the US wants to support the alleged Tibetan exiles and disruptive elements in the name of political and human rights. Now, fourteenth Dalai Lama has grown old therefore, the people of Tibet who are the Tibetan Buddhists are tending to choose the 15th Dalai Lama. Actually, they have the rights too.

There is no doubt in the world that Lhasa is in Tibet and Tibet is in China. So the successor of the Dalai Lama has to be chosen by the Chinese people, not by immigrants or Tibetan refugees. It is America’s unfair pressure on China to say that only Tibetan refugees should choose the successor of the Dalai Lama. I think the Chinese government will never accept US policy.

On the other hand, the United States wants to open a consular office in Lhasa to increase its intervention in Tibet. Actually, it clearly seems that America’s hidden interest is to separate Tibet from China and for that purpose, Trump is thinking to give more energy to Tibetan refugees.

Now the US has been thinking that the Indo-Pacific strategy should be incorporated into Nepal. Its main objective is to interfere with China’s internal affairs. The US has also wondered that Nepal’s land can be used to separate Tibet. The Indo-Pacific strategy has come as a challenge to peace, security, and stability for many countries.

It is clear that the Nepalese border and valleys connected with China are the easiest routes to enter the mainland of Tibet. The US also knows that the Nepalese land is of immense importance in conducting a disruptive movement in Tibet.

As China is progressing towards building a socialist nation through open market economies, this progress has become uncomfortable and challenging for the United States. The US has seen the biggest challenge to Chinese development over its power and influence. Therefore, the United States is working to obstruct China’s development, blockade it, and try to disrupt China’s territories as much as possible. For example, US intervention in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Tibet, and Xinjiang can be taken. In these places, the United States seems to be trying to uproot China by disrupting some of its most divisive elements, engaging in conflict and smashing China as much as possible.

Considering that Nepalese lands can be used easily to intervene in Tibet, the United States is now pursuing various activities in Nepal. Therefore, the US seems to be implementing the Indo-Pacific strategy in Nepal anyway. People here who can be sold with money and do not see the threat in the Indo-Pacific strategy, using such selfish elements America wants to make Nepal a hub of anti-China activity. This is a very dangerous thing for Nepal’s sovereignty, independence, integrity, peace, and stability as well.

America is trying to seize the rights to choose the successor of Dalai Lama and also an intention has shown assisting disruptive elements by establishing a consular office in Lhasa. Looking at all these examples, the Tibet Act and the MCC interlinked with each other and have come to intervention on China. These things have come to collapse China. Nepal should not to be favor of this dangerous strategy because we are the promoters of a non-aligned foreign policy. Non-aligned policy is foundation of our constitution too. We have to condemn it. Understanding that China cannot be conquered by open competition, the United States is doing such kinds of activities.

We the people of Nepal never want to collide between the US and China. We would like to China and the US to resolve their problems through dialogue within the bounds of international law. Even if there is a conflict between China and the United States, Nepal could not be made a part. The US will never get to use Nepali land for such a small interest.

The MCC is a devious tactic to penetrate Nepal into US strategic and military tactics. Looking from the outside, it looks like 500 million USD financial support, but it is focused on US strategy. My opinion is that the Prime Minister of Nepal, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the political parties must understand this. It is unfortunate that some people are running after money, even in this case.


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