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US, India sign defense cooperation agreements

China Daily | 2019-12-21 Saturday

WASHINGTON – The United States and India have signed two Defense Technology and Trade Initiative (DTTI) agreements, the latest effort to boost bilateral ties, said the Pentagon on Thursday.

The DTTI pacts, concerning bilateral industry collaboration forum and standard operating procedure respectively, were signed during the second bilateral “2+2 Ministerial Dialogue” held earlier this week in Washington, according to a statement released by the Pentagon.

Washington sees the signing of the agreements as an example of strengthening the U.S-India strategic partnership, the statement added.

Washington and New Delhi have been seeking closer ties in the past couple of years while disagreements remain. Pentagon officials reportedly tried to talk India out of purchasing S-400 missile defense system from Russia with both an incentive and a threat of sanctions.

Russian officials said last month that India had already paid 800 million US dollars for five S-400 missile systems.

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